Business Intelligence solution to support the decision-making process

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Modern solution to support decision-making through the collection, transformation and analysis of your company's business data.

Analysts believe that an average company uses only about 10% of the collected and available data. Some also believe that in the typical database, 30-50% of the data is missing or incorrectly.

On-line transaction system (OLTP) serves day-to-day activities such as: accounting, billing, retailing, and is focused on fast and accurate processing of current data. These data are very detailed, irregular, can be updated and contain values ​​valid for the current time period.

On the other hand, enormous competition on the market imposes a struggle for every business and every customer, which requires quick adoption of adequate business decisions at all levels of responsibility. It is therefore necessary to implement a system that will enable access to information, analyze them analytically, and effectively distribute such information to all levels of decision making.

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