Wholesale and distribution of tobacco and consumer goods

MPC Holding Mercata
Wholesale, Distribution of tobacco and consumer goods
Wholesale and distribution of tobacco and consumer goods


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Mercata was founded in 1991. It is dedicated to wholesale and distribution of tobacco and consumer goods. Thanks to constant investment in technology and employees and excellent results, after a short time, it became one of the top five wholesalers and distributors of tobacco and tobacco products in Serbia. The main objective of the project was to introduce an integral information system that would allow for a greater degree of control and management of all business processes within the company. For better control of work and greater efficiency of the sales process, PDA devices have been introduced to support field commercialists.


During the realization of the project, the basic requirement of Mercate was to create a dynamic system that would allow maximum efficiency in the distribution of the product. The first phase towards the realization of the basic goal was the implementation of the asw: dominus system that enables the management of processes of finance, bookkeeping, management of goods and human resources management. As one of the biggest distributors of cigarettes, Mercat has 6 distribution centers throughout Serbia. Asw: dominus module for monitoring and distribution of goods was implemented within the distribution centers. The asw: pontis application that transmits and synchronizes data is installed between the switchboard and the distribution centers. Implementation of the asw: dominus system in all distribution centers led to a synchronized management of procurement and the sale of goods. In order to make the sales system as efficient as possible, the customers were delivered goods as soon as possible, the asw: PDA solution that supports the process of ordering goods using a mobile PDA device was implemented. Commercials in the field are able to directly send their orders to the distributive centers immediately after creation, on the basis of which the dispatches and invoices that enter the distribution process are defined automatically by routes. Top-management company Mercata uses the business intelligence system on a daily basis to monitor the results of sales, collection and stock flows.

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