AI - Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Software solution based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that facilitates company management

ASW: dominus

asw: maximus AI proposes the most optimal solutions for making business decisions. It is a universal platform - a system that learns from data and relies on asw: sapiens (BI system) and asw: dominus (ERP) system.

Welcome to asw:maximus, the premier machine learning platform for organizations of all sizes. With asw:maximus, you'll have everything you need to build, deploy, and manage ML models and applications that bring value to your business. Our platform is designed to make it easy for you to get started with ML, regardless of your experience level. We provide a range of tools and services that allow you to ingest, prepare and analyze data, as well as build, train and deploy ML models with just a few clicks. One of the key strengths of asw:maximus is its versatility. Whether you want to build custom models from scratch, or use pre-trained models and libraries, asw:maximus is here to help. We offer a wide range of algorithms and techniques to choose from, so you can find the right solution for your specific needs.

Asw:maximus is more than a tool for building ML models. We also provide a range of features and capabilities to manage and maintain your models in production environments. This includes monitoring tools to help you track the performance of your models over time, as well as versioning and rollback capabilities to ensure you can quickly and easily make updates as needed. In addition to all these features, asw:maximus is designed to be highly collaborative and integrative. Our platform makes it easy for teams of data scientists and developers to work together on ML projects and seamlessly integrate ML models and applications with other systems and tools. So if you're looking to get started with ML, or if you're an experienced data scientist looking for a platform that can support your most ambitious projects, asw:maximus is the perfect choice. We believe that machine learning (ML) is the key to driving innovation and value across a wide range of industries and applications. That's why we developed asw:maximus, a cutting-edge ML platform that forms the core of our other solutions. With asw:maximus, our clients can harness the power of ML to optimize their operations and drive better results. For example, our replenishment optimization solution uses ML to analyze historical sales data and predict future demand, helping retailers ensure they have the right products in stock at the right time. Our smart metering solution uses ML to predict electricity generation and consumption, enabling utilities to better manage their resources and reduce costs. And our vehicle routing solution uses ML to optimize delivery routes, improving efficiency and reducing fuel consumption. In each of these cases, asw:maximus is the driving force behind our solutions. It provides the tools and technologies needed to build, deploy and manage ML models and applications that deliver real value for our customers. Whether you want to optimize your business, reduce costs or improve your environmental impact, asw:maximus is at the heart of our solutions that can help you achieve your goals.

Vehicle Routing Optimization

Our solution can help you save time and money by finding the most efficient routes for your vehicles. With our software, you can enter specific requirements for each delivery location, including the number of goods and the time interval for delivery. This ensures that your drivers can make all their deliveries on time and with the correct amount of goods. In addition, our software takes legal obligations into account, so you can be sure your drivers are operating within the law. Our solution also supports cross-docking, which allows you to quickly transfer goods between vehicles without having to unload and reload them in a warehouse. Finally, our software is designed to handle roll containers and pallets, making it easier to manage the logistics of transporting these types of goods. All in all, our software is a powerful tool that can help you streamline your freight business and increase efficiency. We believe it is the optimal solution for optimizing routes and delivering goods on time and within budget.


Increased efficiency

By finding the most efficient routes, our software can help you save time and money on transportation costs.

Improved customer satisfaction

With on-time deliveries, you can improve your customer satisfaction and build a strong reputation for reliable service.

Improved flexibility

With the ability to cope with various constraints, such as breaks with drivers and different types of cargo, our software provides the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of your business.

Easy to use

Our software is easy to use and can be easily integrated into your existing operations. Scalability As your business grows, our software can easily scale to meet your increased demand for efficient routing.

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