Our Services

Our service portfolio includes consulting and business processes optimization with IT and AI as well, aimed at improving our clients’ business results.


Development of customized software solutions

Besides developing, selling and implementing our own solutions, ASW also develops special software solutions tailored to specific client requirements. Using existing tools, development technology and already developed building blocks, we are able to meet specific clients’ needs quickly and easily. The fact that we respect short deadlines and deliver high quality products best describes the kind of services we provide. Such a result is possible thanks to over 50 experts and engineers from various fields of expertise engaged in the development of solutions. Our team includes SW architects, SW developers, testers, documentation authors and others. Their knowledge and expertise constantly improves, as they produce numerous products created by ASW, or ordered by clients.

Consulting Services

When it comes to the implementation of complex information systems, we are confident of our experience we have gained through work on the complex integration projects in different industries. This enables us to share this expertese with our clients by providing consulting services. When modeling and designing solutions, we establish a partnership with our client. That being said, we do not approach the project only by considering all of its relevant aspects, but through the exchange of technological expertise of our consultants and project leaders with the client. On several occasions, such cooperation and partnership have resulted in extraordinary successful projects and high level of customer satisfaction, whose business processes were improved thanks to ASW consultants.

Consulting services are not provided only for complex projects, since our experts advise clients in the process of everyday system maintenance. Our consulting activities include:

  • analysis of the business processes and customer demands
  • shaping the process with ASW software solutions
  • design and implementation of information systems
  • end user training
  • advising the client during the application of business process, as well as
  • preparation of project and user documentation

Customer support

In order to maximize the quality of service provided to our clients, consistency and successful business processes, we focused on a series of services related to customer support for our products. Received customer requests are processed promptly, professionally and fully. When it comes to submitting requests, there are the following three ways: asw:portal, which we developed with an intention to improve communication, e-mail and via telephone. ASW team for customer support consists of young and professional IT engineers who use the most contemporary tools, which allows them to respond to any request with success. ASW customer support domain also includes:

  • first level support za sopstvene proizvode,
  • distribucija novih verzija softvera koje se izdaju kvartalno,
  • razdvajanje godina na kraju fiskalnih godina.

First level support

In a world driven by IT technology, every business, including small ones, requires the engagement of IT experts. Companies lack IT support they need for a number of reasons – insufficient budgets, inadequate personnel etc. Therefore, ASW offers IT support on all levels. This allows companies to leave the complete care of their IT sector to ASW, through signing the maintenance contract. Each client has access to dedicated IT professional, as well as the entire ASW team. Our most important reference in this field is GruppoCoin company.

Production of monitoring and alarming systems

An important factor of the comprehensive information system is a system for monitoring and alarming. In odrer to provide this service to their clients, ASW has chosen Nagios platform. As an open source solution, Nagios can be adapted and implemented in heterogeneous environments. In addition to standard monitoring of standard hardware and software operation system resources and data basis, Nagios provides open interfaces for upgrading monitoring system. Thanks to this ability, ASW Engineering has developed several modules that monitor company’s application solutions. Most of ASW clients have chosen our monitoring system for supervising their resources.

DMS System development

ASW Engineering uses the benefits of document management system (DMS). For this purpose, Alfresco was installed and configured. As an Open Source Enterprise Content Management platform, Alfresco offers solutions for Document Management, Business Process Automation, Record Management, Content Management System, Workflow and others. Besides using basic functions – setting document types, metadata, aspects of business processes (workflow) and rules (rules), we have developed modules for integrating Alfresco with our solutions. Thus, the features of this solution are available through our asw: dominus, asw: libris and asw:officius. In asw: dominus this solution is used for the integration of incoming and outgoing invoices; in asw: libris product integration is done with the module Registry Office, whereas the content of documents and metadata is stored in Alfresco. We have gained experience in the application of DMS system, which allows us to offer services of design, implementation and integration of DMS based on open source products. We can show companies planning to implement DMS solutions that this process can be done in a very short term and without large budgets.

Data Migration

ASW provides data migration service to its clients within the implementation phase. ASW has developed a set of tools which make the migration process faster and less complicated. However, we also completed several data migration procedures independently from implementations of our products. Such projects were done for the Administration for Joint Services of the Republic Bodies (Belgrade, Serbia), where the migration of COBOL and FoxPro administrative offices was performed, as well as for Strom Telecom (Prague, Czech Republic), where data migration from LHS BSCS billing system to Sitronics Foris billing system was performed.

Prepaid recharge services - asw:topup

Software asw: topup was developed to unify and facilitate a specific business process. Its use is best illustrated through business of our partner „Štampa Sistem“. „Štampa Sistem“ manages over 600 facilities (stands) in its retail chain, equipped with PC-based asw:mercantis POS system, GPRS communication and stand-alone device as a client for the realization of prepaid recharge. Given the fact that electronic prepaid recharge plays a very important part in turnover of these retails, each stand was equipped with one or more terminals which made it possible for subscribers to recharge their prepaid accounts. However, a number of problems occurred, so slowdowns and disruptions, inconsistency between recharged and charged were too frequent. Our partner has decided to put an end to these problems and hired ASW to designed its own solution for electronic prepaid recharge, in accordance with the motto each stand is a multi-functional point of sale. ASW delivered asw: topup, solution that is hosted on its own platform. We performed integration of asw: mercantis and asw: topup solutions for „Štampa Sistem“, in order to enable retail chains to make an additional profit through sales of prepaid recharge with minimal costs, high reliability of system and accuracy of data. Contract on prepaid processing was signed with mts mobile operator as well.

Hosting services for ASW products and solutions

For the purposes of expenses reduction, mostly for small and medium sized enterprises, ASW Engineering provides hosting services of its products and solutions on their servers. Client needs to have good Internet connection that is used to access applications that are hosted on ASW’s servers. Hosting service includes:

  • Regular data backup
  • Database monitoring
  • System administration

Advantages of using this services are:

  • No initial investment into hardware infrastructure,
  • Expenses associated with system software licenses are eliminated,
  • No need for employing database administrator.

Thanks to quality hardware infrastructure owned, ASW Engineering can guarantee data security.

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