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August 1, 2020

CorD Magazine: "The current pandemic has brought numerous challenges to companies and producers of business software. One of them is intensive work from home. Is ERP in the cloud one of the best solutions?"

ASW Inženjering/Engineering combines the impossible – conserving technologies that are the backbone of a reliable business information system and the latest advances in computer science, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence

ASW Software is said to be one of the leading domestic IT companies for business information systems that have always endeavoured to incorporate innovation into the software. With the development of the latest trend in the architecture of business systems, which we recognise under the term Industry 4.0, ASW has incorporated a number of innovations into its solutions. To name a few: the cloud, machine learning and cybersecurity which are integral concepts of ERP. This level of implementation of the latest cutting edge technologies happened gradually, through constant development, and – as they insist at ASW – certainly hasn’t reached its final form, but is rather on a non-ending development path. The company’s motto is: “Innovation, innovation, innovation”.

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