Implementation of the system for support of distribution processes and logistics of consumer goods

Centrosinergija d.o.o.
Distribution and logistics of consumer goods and services
Implementation of the system for support of distribution processes and logistics of consumer goods


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Centrosinergija d.o.o. deals with the provision of distribution and logistics services in a way that provides its users with an efficient and economical placement of goods and services. It is part of the business system My Kiosk Group, which includes My Kiosk, the largest chain of kiosks and "convenience shop" facilities on the territory of Serbia. The activity of Centrosinergija is based on distribution: printed media, tobacco products, haberdashery, SIM card and electronic prepaid prepaid credit for mobile telephony and Bus Plus card and electronic supplement for public city transport in Belgrade. Centrosinergija d.o.o. has a warehouse space of 10,000 square meters in total, in the Distribution Center in Belgrade and 9 cross dock centers throughout Serbia, as well as a transport fleet of more than 200 vehicles of different capacities. Annual Centrosinergy vehicles cross over 10,500,000 km. Robo from its portfolio supplies more than 16,000 retail outlets.


The realization of the project encompassed the implementation of the following products: asw: logistics: asw: wms - warehouse management system asw: tms - transport management system asw: dominus - additional ERP system in Centrosinergija, for improved centralized monitoring of commodity and financial processes in the company asw: sapiens - business intelligence (business decision support). Project flow: The project for the introduction of the information system at Centrosinergija started in September 2012 and took place in several phases. Each of the phases was successfully developed and realized in a very short period. First phase: WMS The first phase encompassed the implementation of a system for manipulating goods in the warehouse - WMS and systems for integration with companies for which goods are stored and distributed. Benefits after the implementation of the first phase are reflected in the better availability of warehouse space, the possibility of tracking the movement of goods through the warehouse, improving the mobility and flexibility of the warehouse, greater accuracy and productivity at all levels of business and the possibility of a complete analysis of the operation of the warehouse. Implementation of the integration system has enabled automatic exchange and synchronization of data with users, in real time. Second phase: TMS The second phase of the project included the implementation of the fleet management system, TMS. The introduction of the TMS system has brought higher driver productivity, better vehicle utilization and control over transport costs, better maintenance planning, monitoring of implementation and reduced scope of administrative work. Third phase: extension and upgrade of WMS and TMS system At the end of the second phase, during the exploitation and maintenance of the information system, Centrosinergija concluded the Distribution Agreement with British American Tobacco at the end of 2014, one of the leading global tobacco companies. There was a need for upgrading and adapting the WMS and TMS system to the specific needs of this type of distribution. Upgrading of existing systems has been successfully implemented and additional required functions have been very quickly implemented. Fourth phase: asw: sapiens In order to further improve Centrosinergy and prepare the information system for expanding existing and accepting new jobs, the implementation of the asw: sapiens Business Intelligence system has begun. This system enables the integration of all data from different information systems used in Centrosinergy into a single, single-storey Data Warehouse (DWH) based on Oracle technology, creating conditions for better data analysis and reporting. All reports are generated from a single system, which allows for a significant reduction in manual work on the analysis of system data and increase the productivity of the organization. Reporting with content, form and speed is in line with customer requirements and needs.

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