RMS - The Retail Management System is a popular, flexible product that fully supports processes within a retail company.

The solution is extremely flexible and covers the entire range from small shops to hypermarkets and department stores with dozens of cash registers and a centralized database.

asw:mercantis is a solution which is fully integrated with the asw:dominus information system. The integration of two systems provides instant and complete overview of all the segments of company activities and the possibility of centralized management of all resources.

The solution is based on the use of Open Source software and Oracle Technology which ensures modularity, portability and investment minimization for the client. User interaction is based on Java, the database on the leading Open Source product – PostgreSQL, and consequently, the clients and the server can use – completely transparently – either Linux or Windows OS. The concept and the implementation of the POS systems are based on the broadly accepted JavaPOS/UPOS standard which ensures full transparency of the peripheral devices.

The asw:mercantis product is functionally comprised of following subsystems:

  • Subsystem for monitoring of all business processes within an individual store (BackOffice),
  • Point of sale (POS – register) subsystem,
  • Subsystem for centralized management of retail,
  • Data synchronization subsystem (asw:pontis),
  • Marketing subsystem (asw:loyalty)

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