ERP - Comprehensive solution for managing all business processes and resources within a company

Integrated information system asw:dominus is a comprehensive product for managing all business processes and resources of a company (finance, human resources, goods, materials, fixed assets, etc.)

asw:dominus is the central figure of each asw: erp system, an integral factor for all other ASW as well as foreign products. For many ASW clients, this is the only ERP system element, so often this product is identified with ERP.

By providing timely and accurate information, linking different functional areas of business as a whole, with a high degree of integration, asw:dominus is a safe foundation for increasing productivity, efficiency and profitability of the company.

asw:dominus is structured modularly, thus achieving complete flexibility and customization to the needs of users. It consists of nine subsystems and associated modules covering all business functions of the company:

  • Financial subsystem
  • Accounting subsystem
  • Subsystem for monitoring goods and finished products
  • Subsystem for monitoring fixed assets
  • Human Resources Management Subsystem
  • Material monitoring subsystem
  • Production tracking subsystem
  • Logistics subsystem
  • Subsystem for Administration and Configuration

The system enables quick and easy expansion of functionality and great configuration, so that the appearance of the application and work are adapted to the needs of users.

It also supports working with PDA (handhold) devices and integrated into the asw: dominus system. The main purpose is to support the work of commercialists on the ground through the creation of customer orders, with the possibility of insight into the price list, stocks, assortment, customer status, defining and tracking routes for commercialists, etc.

The asw:dominus business system is primarily designed for medium and large enterprises of all industries.

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