Business support for a large number of users

FAT d.o.o.
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Business support for a large number of users






ERP - Comprehensive solution for managing all business processes and resources within a company



FAT is a bookkeeping consulting agency. Its clients are companies from different industries with different needs. The problem that the agency has in conducting business books is a huge operational job that daily entails entering all commodity and financial documents into its accounting program, the inability of users to use reports from current software, poor reporting and analysis capabilities, limited functionality, and the like. FAT has a need for a modern information system that can be placed in a cloud environment so that the system can be used by all its clients through the web and that the complete server infrastructure is provided by FAT. With such a system, FAT has the ability to take book and consulting jobs for large customers with existing resources.


The complete implementation of the project from the analysis and recording of the state, installation, setting up and release of the ERP system asw: dominus into work was completed in a month. Web technology supported by asw: dominus system fully corresponds to the concept of hosting the system in the cloud environment. The basic characteristics of asw: dominus system, configuration and scalability are crucial for the success of the project. System configurations provided FAT with the ability to adapt the system to different requirements and needs of business systems. Thanks to this, the system can be used by clients from different industries and sectors of the economy. Scalability as another important feature of the asw: dominus system for FAT is significant because the system can be adapted to large and distributed systems without conditional constraints. This means that FAT has no limit on the number of companies and users who can work on the system. Such constraints are conditioned only by hardware capacities and communication quality. High level of automation, FAT has provided more efficient work and the ability to keep accounting for the same number of clients with the same resources. In addition, FAT can offer its major clients, along with standard services, a complete information solution for business support.

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