Centralized casino tracking

Belgrade, Serbia
Entertainment industry - casino
Centralized casino tracking






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Company ELEKS-M is part of the group that operates casinos in countries in the world: Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. In addition to casinos, GLA Holding is also present in other sectors of the economy: bioenergy, real estate and tourism. For the purposes of monitoring casinos, it was necessary to implement a system that would enable the collection of data on the results achieved by each automaton at the daily level. Implementation of the system is planned in Serbia in the first phase of the project, and the plan is to transfer the system to companies in other countries where GLA Holding operates.


Implementation of the project in the first phase involved the implementation of the central ERP system asw: dominus for monitoring and controlling the operations of all casinos. Each casino is connected to the VPN tunnel via the VPN tunnel, so that the data on the results achieved by machines are entered directly into a single database. Instead of purchasing its own servers, ELEKS-M decided to host the entire system on ASW servers. The connection between the company's headquarters and ASW is protected by a VPN tunnel. The second phase of the project implementation includes the development of support for collecting data from automated payments / payments through a mobile device with an Android operating system. In addition to these data, for each automaton, data on technical correctness and values ​​of control counters will be collected. With the implementation of the ASW system, ELEKS-M significantly increased the level of control and provided an efficient system of reporting on the achieved results on a daily basis.

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