Case Study - Mona Fashion

Mona Fashion
Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnia
Retail and production
Case Study - Mona Fashion


Micro Strategy




Business Intelligence solution to support the decision-making process




RMS - The Retail Management System is a popular, flexible product that fully supports processes within a retail company.




ERP - Comprehensive solution for managing all business processes and resources within a company



In the light of digital transformation, the growth of a company and staying on the track of competitiveness is characterized by the need to optimize its processes and resources, their organization within a comprehensive, complete system that manages, controls and anticipates the next steps of business. This need and imperative of modern business has been recognized by the fashion house Mona, a domestic leader in textile production, which today operates in as many as 5 countries in the region with more than 50 retail facilities.

Representatives of Mona fashion d.o.o. addressed our IKP team with the desire to design, develop and implement a comprehensive ERP solution that will not only monitor production, in a way that corresponds to all the specifics of the organization, but also integrate internal and processes between business entities that make up the Mona Group.

The client's request is formulated by the need for a custom-made solution that includes monitoring production, integration of goods flows to automate transactions, automatic pricing and their leveling in markets outside Serbia and, finally, achieving complete integration with the web shop.


The project was implemented in two stages, where the first completed the integration of all segments except production: from wholesale, retail and loyalty programs to staff, fixed assets, general ledger, statements and all payments. The first part of the implementation lasted a full year, of which a full 6 months were dedicated to intensive implementation and user training.

The applied solution gave rise to better and more efficient control and transparency of the group's business activities, brought the option of harmonizing operations with regulations of state institutions in 5 countries, creating a wide range of possibilities for using data required for reports at all management levels.

Thanks to precise project specification and preparation of data for transfer from existing systems, intensive communication and full customer support, the Mona fashion group today keeps all its business books, from production, warehouse status to retail business, in one information system.

In cooperation with the ASW team, Mona's IT team is constantly working on improvements, adapting the system to new needs of various kinds: from changes and integrations to transformations of individual segments in accordance with the current requirements of competitive business.

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