Integrated software solution for managing billing and invoicing systems

asw:credis is an integrated software solution for managing billing and invoicing systems for various services, as well as a service for Customer Care System.

The information system is applied in areas where it is necessary to control the calculation and collection of products and services for a larger number of users (telecommunications - mobile and fixed telephony, electricity, water, gas, the Internet, telephone services, etc.) or users of a divergent set of services on offer a large number of diverse services), as well as a variety of ways of providing or spending those services.

The Billing subsystem is designed to account for the consumption of all types of variable services, which can be expressed in scope, time or specific event. The calculation is based on a very flexible tariff system and parametric set algorithms of different levels of discounts and benefits for service users. The calculation cycles are determined by the user himself, whereby the printing of the account is independent of the calculation and can be done on different types of printer at any time.

The Customer Care Subsystem is primarily designed to manage and monitor resources that are engaged in providing services to users. Within this subsystem, the central place is occupied by modules designed to manage business relations with service users, including contracting and defining services by type and scope.

The basic characteristics of the system are:

  • support for the formation and monitoring of the user's network
  • direct communication with data sources
  • a configurable tariff system that supports the complex structure of service and product tariffs
  • billing, printing and distribution of accounts for services and products

asw: credis integrated with other ASW systems, such as asw: dominus and asw: sapiens represents software support for the Integrated Information System of a company that deals with that type of service in any area. This solution allows:

  • effective tracking of each event and day-to-day data uptime
  • current business information at the level of up-to-date data
  • business analysis in periods with comparison with the plan
  • help users in using the services

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