Network of retail stores „Slatke kuće“

Swisslion Group
Novi Sad, Serbia
Retail, Confectionery industry
Network of retail stores „Slatke kuće“


Postgre SQL




RMS - The Retail Management System is a popular, flexible product that fully supports processes within a retail company.




ERP - Comprehensive solution for managing all business processes and resources within a company



Swisslion Group is part of the Swisslion Takovo business system, which is in charge of purchasing and selling final products for all companies within the Group. In addition to wholesale, Swisslion Group is developing its retail network in Serbia and the region with over 70 retail facilities known for the "Sweet House" brand. Retail facilities are managed from three regional centers in Novi Sad, Belgrade and Gornji Milanovac. The main goal of the project is to implement an information system that enables the company to accelerate the development of its own retail network. The project's request is to integrate the goods flow management system with the main SAP general book that is used throughout the Group.


The realization of the project consisted of parallel activities on realization of the central system for managing the retail network, introduction of the system into retail facilities and integration with the main book of SAP. For the purpose of realization of this project ASW was in charge of procuring necessary hardware equipment for central server and POS equipment. By introducing the ASW system, Swisslion Group has provided quality information support to continue expanding its retail network. The maximum degree of integration with the external system for the general ledger has been achieved, and in this way the level of control of the retail network operation has been increased. By introducing the PC POS solution asw: mercantis, Swisslion Group now organizes various marketing campaigns and manages the loyalty program for its regular customers in Sweet homes. Complete management of sales promotion mechanisms is done from regional centers. The project was completed in 2 months!

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