Wholesale of office supplies

Extra Lux d.o.o.
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Wholesale of office supplies






ERP - Comprehensive solution for managing all business processes and resources within a company



Extra Lux is one of the largest suppliers of office supplies in Slovenia. With a wide assortment and product quality, customers also offer extremely fast delivery both of standard and non-standard assortment of a large number of different manufacturers. The main objective of the project was the introduction of an information system that would provide a greater degree of control and facilitate the operational functions of the business.


Implementation of the central ERP system asw: dominus covers all the business functions of Extralux: procurement, wholesale, warehouse operations, personnel records and wage calculations, finance and bookkeeping. This provides an integral information system for efficient management of all processes. Connection of the subsystem and high level of automation reduced the manual data entry to a large extent and ensured greater control in all business segments. The functions of the business system were distributed in four locations: in Ljubljana, Celje, Koper and Novi Mest. A unique system enables centralized record keeping of orders and purchasing intercompany orders from the central warehouse, thus collecting orders for suppliers. The warehouse is managed by location, so the distribution of inventory is done for each variant (color) by location, which ensures the delivery of goods to customers in a very short time. The organized system enables efficient procurement and distribution of goods, which creates a fast turnover of goods in warehouses and supplies are maintained at an optimal level.

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