Transferring numbers between the mobile operator

Banjaluka, BiH
Mobile telephony
Transferring numbers between the mobile operator




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Mobile telephony of Republika Srpska m: tel uses ASW integral information system consisting of the Billing & Customer Care system asw: credis, ERP system asw: dominus and business intelligence asw: sapiens. With the emergence of a new global trend - the transfer of the number between operators while retaining the same number, m: tel has set up a request for the implementation of the Number Portability project within the billing system asw: credis. The basic task of the project was to establish such an interface, which will enable m-tel workers to receive and process user requests quickly. After entering the system, the request should be forwarded to the partner companies that alter the number of the number in the central database, while retaining the same prefix.


The realization was done through integration with the LRPN (Siemens) platform, which has a synchronized database with the central database of ported numbers. In addition to operator configurations, request types, request statuses, events, the central part represents input and manipulation with documents: Port IN / OUT requirements and Notifications. In addition to the manual, automatic processing of received requests has been carried out, with constant interaction with the LRPN system, automatic creation of contracts and numbers, automatic status change with participation of the operator which has been reduced to a minimum (monitoring status change). The process also included modifying the whole tariffing process, since identification is no longer performed by a pre-defined analysis, but with special tags with each conversation or SMS. A high degree of automation and integration enabled easy entry and quick implementation of the number porting process between the operator.

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