Create marketing campaigns and loyalty programs, attract new customers, nurture and encourage existing ones.

asw:loyalty allows the vendor to work with loyalty cards, define different sales actions, rewards and discounts through the concepts of loyalty cards - collecting and using loyalty points.

asw:loyalty is made for vendors ready to use a powerful tool that will bind their customers to the supply chain or brand. This software solution allows the vendor to issue a loyalty card that records all the customer's transactions. The transactions are converted into points, and after acquiring a certain amount, the buyer can use them in accordance with the rules applied by the seller.

The loyalty program doesn’t have to be in form of collecting and using the points. The seller can define percentage discounts, classic personalized discounts, promotional mass offers, prizes and many more. 

Thanks to asw:loyalty software solution, a vendor can easily acquire identified and unidentified customers, monitor their spending habits and the transactions they perform. This data is extremely valuable because it can be used to create appropriate campaigns for certain categories of customers to stimulate the most active customer pool. asw:loyalty is offered as a marketing tool that gives the vendor the opportunity to strengthen customer relationships by offering them various benefits.

asw:loyalty can be integrated into:

  • An external information system.
  • B2B wholesale system
  • B2C (Web Shop) online sales system for end customers

Additionally, the asw:loyalty system, can also be connected to the asw:maximus AI system of Machine Learning, which allows all marketing campaigns to be automated.