Metro footwear, established in 1990 in Serbia has in recent years branched out to several locations in Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia and is about to open a new one in Montenegro.

ASW Engineering's software solutions play an important role in Metro footwear's business expansion, enhancing its business model and strategy. Metro footwear's business will continue to be run with the help of asw:mercantis (RMS - retail management system), asw:dominus (ERP – enterprise management system), and asw:sapiens (BI – business intelligence). Continuing successful expansion of Metro's business proves that ASW software solutions can take on numerous new users and their databases with ease.

These software solutions are localized for Montenegro, meaning they adhere to Montenegro’s business law, currency and market. Furthermore, by using ASW software solutions, Metro footwear can run a centralized business from Serbia and successfully take care of and control the work of its subsidiaries.