The news about this event and other winners can be found here, while video from the official ceremony can be found here.


Studio B TV station has previously chosen ASW Engineering as the best example of success of the “Year of entrepreneurship”, as proposed by the Chamber of commerce and industry of Serbia. From the standpoint of state, the year 2016 is called the “Year of entrepreneurship” in order to strengthen entrepreneurial power, to help entrepreneurs who are starting a business or who have already grown the business and to offer them financial and non-financial support for long-term development of entrepreneurial spirit. Extract from the program can be viewed here.


Business portal “eKapija” also published a new “Taylor made – Integrated of information system company “ASW Engineering” to unite all business functions of Mona Fashion Company”. The subject of an article is that in today’s markets the availability of modern business software is accessible to everyone, but only few manage to satisfy the ability of integrating business functions to specific business processes of an individual and unique needs of each individual business.