ASW Engineering has developed a CRM Android application for ESON Group, a company that offers house maintenance. The app is conceptualized as customer support for residents seeking house maintenance services such as plumbing, electrical, locksmith, cleaning, elevator or contact with reception or security. On the other side of the App there is a CRM that helps ESON Group manage the requests of the residents. This way the residents will have house maintenance at the click of a button.

This type of customer support enables simple, instant and effective communication between residents and housing maintenance. Residents will be able to participate interactively and monitor the progress of the required services.

ASW has set up a Cloud-based Multi-tenant solution, an integrated information system.

8 advantages of multi-tenant solutions:

1. Easy migration of data to existing software

2. No new investments in hardware

3. The possibility of simultaneous work of several different users on one platform with access to only that information that relates solely to their work

4. Scalability

5. Centralization of control functions with lower costs

6. Distribution of business functions, business development support

7. Standardization of the process

8. Optimal usage of resources