AI and ML are global phenomena and their ample benefits are already being capitalized by the industry giants. Telecommunications, one of the fastest-growing industries, uses AI &ML to create Intelligent Enterprises. In other words, Telecom works smart. 


So, what is the secret key to their success?

  1. Enhanced Customer Experience (AI and ML)
  2. Automated, Efficient Operations (AI and ML)


Telecom companies are reaping benefits from an AI Enhanced - Customer Centric Business Model. They use AI & ML to enhance customer experience, apply predictive maintenance and improve network reliability.


Enhancing Customer Experience

The vast amounts of data that has been collected over the years from Telecom’s massive customer bases, came in handy to provide better customer experience. AI helps react to queries, create personalized service and finally develop the right product, which is in the end marketed to the right customer. The introduction of AI &ML contributes to increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty by including chat-bots, predictive customer support, fraud detection, optimized marketing. On the other hand, improving operations, such as network reliability, is a prerequisite for enhancing the customer experience.  


Automated, Efficient Operations and Predictive Maintenance

The whole point of this strategy is to create an Intelligent Enterprise. One that monitors, enhances and proactively and preventively fixes itself. 

By automating operations, Telecom companies eliminate human error and improve efficiency. Furthermore, Telcos that use AI provide a more reliable and efficient service, because AI-enabled networks can self-analyze and self-optimize. Based on network traffic information by region and time zone, AI automatically optimizes the network quality. Moreover, the vast amount of historic data can help predict and preventively eliminate network issues without customers even noticing. Also, AI-driven predictive maintenance is based on predictive analytics and can help predict and proactively fix hardware malfunctions. One step further has been taken by AT&T and its ingenious way to tackle hardware challenges. They are using drones to expand their LTE coverage, and use the video data from the drones for tech support and maintenance of their cell towers. 


Agility means success

If you want to ensure the longevity of your business, you need to be agile when faced with changes. And by incorporating AI & ML into its business model, Telecom gained the momentum by being flexible to its customers and their wishes. Ergo, it is only inevitable for Telecommunications to be one of the fastest-growing industries on the globe.