Project migration of office data into the ORACLE database

Directorate of Common Affairs of the republican authorities
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Project migration of office data into the ORACLE database


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The Administration ( conducts professional, technical and other joint tasks for the needs of the National Assembly of the Republic of Serbia, the President of the Republic of Serbia, the Government of the Republic of Serbia, the Constitutional Court of Serbia, ministries, special organizations and judicial organs of the Republic. Within the administration there are several offices that serve several agencies and ministries. In their work, these offices use different application solutions: - terminal-based applications written in the COBOL programming language for the Honeywell-Bull GCOS environment with data stored in indexed / sequential files - MS DOS based applications written in FoxPro programming language with data located in dBase IV files - Applications written using Oracle Forms 6 data tools located in Oracle RDBMS The main objective of the project was to use office applications based on COBOL and FoxPro to transfer the application based on Oracle RDBMS


The realization of the project included the following activities: - installation of IBM AIX patches - installation of Oracle 9i database management system - Configuring Oracle backup procedures and integration with the IBM Tivoli monitoring system - creation of the "Migration Study" - Creation of migration software COBOL and FoxPro data - verification of migration software through test data migration from eight registries - migration of data for 8 offices - commissioning and monitoring of end users' work The Migration Study document encompassed the structure and content of source databases, the structure of the destination database, the necessary conversion and mapping of data. Special software has been developed for data migration purposes. Development is done using the Java programming language and Open Source library for accessing dBase data and file manipulation (Apache Ant, xBaseJ, FlatPack ...) Through joint efforts, ASW engineers and management staff, the complete project was completed 15 days before the planned 3 month deadline.

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