Managment of company from Italy

Gruppo Coin Department Stores
Managment of company from Italy


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The Italian company Gruppo Coin Department Stores is one of the largest retail chains in Europe. Through its own chain of retail stores, it distributes fashion brands such as: Coin Casa, Oviesse, OVS and Upim. The goal of the project is to integrate all business processes that accompany import of goods, distribution, management of retail facilities and reporting. In order to complete the process, it was necessary to develop support for two-way data exchange with the Gruppo Coin Italy information system. This communication was supposed to support, in one direction, the retrieval of registers and documents from the central office in Italy, and in the second direction the sending of sales reports to the company's headquarters in Italy.


In addition to the members of the ASW project team, members of the IT Group Gruppo Coin SPA Italy participated in the project implementation. The information system is adapted to the business processes of the user and set up in the function within the planned deadline. Two-way automated data exchange with EDI service in Italy is provided. This automation provides automatic import of input documents and code book. On the other hand, automated transmission of retail sales data to the central office in Italy is provided on a daily basis. The system for controlling the entry of goods through the RF Terminal in the warehouse has enabled efficient control and rapid flow of goods to the retail network. By integrating with the information system Gruppo Coin Spa Italy, top management is able to monitor the results of operations of all retail facilities with accurate and up-to-date data that ensure quality planning of distribution of goods.

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