Bakery chain in Serbia

Hleb i Kifle
Bakery chain in Serbia


Micro Strategy
Postgre SQL
Windows server 2003




Business Intelligence solution to support the decision-making process




RMS - The Retail Management System is a popular, flexible product that fully supports processes within a retail company.




ERP - Comprehensive solution for managing all business processes and resources within a company



Company Hleb i kifle is one of the biggest retail chains of bakery in Serbia. They are recognizable by their striking image and quality pastries. The company was established in 2007 and since then has been recording steady growth and development. At present, it has 25 bakers. The main objective of the project was to implement an information system that can be crystallized according to the needs of the company Hleb i Kifle. The previous positive experience with ASW systems was enough to continue the cooperation on this project.


The realization of this project was extremely effective since the users at the head office already had experience with ASW systems. The central ERP system asw: dominus was implemented by the ASW team while the implementation of the retail system asw: mercantis was carried out by the trained IT team of the company Hleb and kifla. The whole project was completed in a month. For the needs of the company Hleb and kifla, support for monitoring sales of baked products in real time through the portal has been developed. Such support was necessary because part of the assortment was produced at the company's headquarters (cakes, cakes and sandwiches). Hleb and ketchup, in this way, quickly and efficiently responds to daily oscillations in demand for the corresponding products. For the purposes of efficient planning and analysis of results, the business intelligence system asw: sapiens was implemented. The company on a daily basis plans a production volume, including numerous predictable and unpredictable factors. Production planning must be particularly precise because, on the one hand, the cake that remains at the end of the day is withdrawn from the sale, and on the other hand should not be allowed to miss sales because there are no suitable pastries. In addition to planning, top-management uses the business intelligence system asw: sapiens to analyze the results achieved, monitor the profitability of each bakery and support decision-making.

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