DMS - Document management system

asw:libris provides a complete solution for working with e-documents in a company, including e-documents receipt, scanning, filing, submission and finally filing in an e-archive.

Document Management System saves time and money because it completely eliminates unnecessary duplication of documents and costs of paper document delivery. This system lets you instantly deliver documents, and if needed enables collaborations and simultaneous work on documents, while ensuring the highest level digital security. This improves the company's productivity and timeliness in making important business decisions.

The solution was developed on the Java platform. Web application has been developed in the modern Java Server Faces Technology. The database is the leading open source DBMS PostgreSQL, but since ORM is used by JPA and Hibernate, asw: libris can work with any database supported by Hibernate (Oracle, Sql Server, My SQL, etc.).

Modules asw: libris system:

• Payer - Payroll is a solution for receiving and sending mail for one or more company offices. This module provides a complete insight into the company's documentation, regardless of the number of company's dislocated offices.

• Delivery of documentation - This module provides the submission of documentation for resolving organizational units. Documentation delivery is a business process (workflow) that provides the delivery of incoming mail to the resolution authority, internal correspondence through the company, as well as the creation and delivery of output documents to the Office.

• E - archive - asw: libris uses the Alfresco open source repository for storing e-documents. This system provides versions, alarms, notifications, rules (rulers), full text search, indexing, security, and many other features of the advanced DMS repository. For integration with Alfresco, a CMIS standard is used, which makes asw: libris easily adaptable for integration with any other DMS repository.

Integration asw: libris with other systems

• Integration with OCR systems - asw: libris provides integration with numerous advanced OCR solutions for indexing metadata from documents. Fast scanners in combination with OCR software (Kofax, Abby etc.) allow large companies to save time in scanning and indexing a large number of documents. asw: libris provides integration with such systems, but also provides manual scanning and indexing options for companies that do not want to invest in such equipment.

• Integration with asw: dominus - asw: libris is integrated with asw: dominus for input and output accounts. When injecting an input account into an asw: libris, a stolen account is created as a "draft" in the asw: dominus system. The Draft account carries with you information about entering the metadata of the account as well as a link to an e-invoice, which allows the account image to always be seen for this account from the asw: dominus system. It is also ensured that the meta-data of the account are entered only once, in the asw: libris system.

• Integration with asw: utilitas - asw: libris is integrated with the CRM module asw: utilitas of the system.

Advantages of introducing asw: libris:

• The speed of finding a document

• Documented documents by classes and types of documents

• Unnecessary duplication of documents and unnecessary creation of internal paper documents have been eliminated

• Several references in the Office can work in parallel

• Centralized paper archive

• Faster flow and better process control, notification, alarms ...

• No lost documents

• Access control of documents

• Verification of documents, change history

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