The most popular retail network of drugstores in Serbia

Lilly drogerie
The most popular retail network of drugstores in Serbia


Micro Strategy
Postgre SQL
Windows server 2003




Business Intelligence solution to support the decision-making process




RMS - The Retail Management System is a popular, flexible product that fully supports processes within a retail company.




ERP - Comprehensive solution for managing all business processes and resources within a company



The company Lilly drogerie with over 120 drugstores and pharmacies is the largest chain of stores of this type in Serbia. A recognizable brand, high quality service and constant action are the reason for over 50,000 customers every day. Its development in the region, the company continues to enter the Bulgarian market in 2011, where it achieves excellent results and rapid development. At the very beginning of its development, Lilly Drogerie saw the importance of investing in information systems and demanded impeccable information support that would be support for planned development. The information system had to provide high reliability and confidentiality for the needs of organizing various marketing actions in a competitive market. The goal of the project was to integrate all business processes through an information system that would provide top-management to manage the company with accurate and up-to-date information at any time.


Implementation of the project included the implementation of the central ERP system asw: dominus and the retail system asw: mercantis, with the key task to be fully managed by the retail network. Lilly Drogerie is able to control every retail facility through a central back-office (central retail subsystem) and have a complete picture of the operations in the central office of each one. The retail system is based on open source (free) technologies: Linux as the operating system and PostgreSql as a database, which reduces the initial costs of introducing the POS system. Lilly Drogerie has chosen the ASW business intelligence solution asw: sapiens for the fast processing of huge amounts of data coming from the retail network every day. The Business Intelligence system has made it possible to conduct detailed analysis of sales of all items, stock movements, frequency of day-to-day visits, tracking trends, etc. Reports from the business intelligence system asw: sapiens, top-management is used daily to make decisions at all levels of government. The implemented ASW information system is constantly being upgraded with new modules that are developed on-demand for Lilly Drogerie to support all planned marketing campaigns for end-users.

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