Application of the loyalty program in mobile telephony

Banjaluka, BiH
Mobile telephony
Application of the loyalty program in mobile telephony




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The company m: tel came up with the idea to return the old mobile devices through the flipswap project to the marketplace in order to prevent the collection of electronic waste. Used devices are repaired and marketed at a reduced price. The user who replaces his device through the flipswap mechanism - receives a certain amount of service within the m: tel network, depending on the value of the device. The aim of the project was to upgrade the tariff system of the existing billing system asw: credis so that in addition to the different tariffs defined by the subscription agreement, the system enables the allocation of a configurable amount of discounts at the level of individual subscription contract (regardless of the selected package) and allocation of additional bonuses to subscribers They are realized through loyality programs (flipswap or some other).


The realization of the project enabled the granting of a bonus to a subscription contract, whereby the bonus applies to services defined in the category of bonuses in the order of the services specified in the bonus definition itself. The system is configured to allocate the parameter that defines the amount of the bonus in the money at the level of the individual contract, with the possibility that besides the amount of the bonus, the operator can enter the reason for the award of the bonus (id - Flip Swap voucher, marketing campaign, etc.). The massive allocation of individual bonuses for loyality campaigns as well as the application of the bonus in the following months was realized and the transfer of unused bonus to the current accounting period from the previous accounting periods. An adequate presentation of the status of the bonus on the invoice is ensured. For the purposes of informing the user about the current status of unused bonus, the monitoring of the situation at any time (spending and unused bonus for each service) is provided. Company m: tel can now organize different types of marketing actions for existing and new users and to monitor the effects of each campaign individually.

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