Do we have a choice as people in the world of digital transformation?


Representatives of ASW visited PlayMediaDay04 in Banja Luka on June 7th, 2019, where about 1,000 domestic and regional visitors gathered. This year's Play Media Day 04 was about new technologies and digital transformation. The audience enjoyed practical examples, tips, as the latest trends in the field of communications, media, marketing, new technologies, digitization, gaming industry, design, creative economy and entrepreneurship.


Our machine learning architect Danijel Subotić, also an assistant professor at the Mathematical University in Belgrade, presented the topic of Machine learning in Retail business. Danijel talked about ASW Maximus and its intelligent real-time decision engine, that gives business insight and advice based on detailed knowledge of its clients and their behavior. The benefits of this system are high levels of integration with other systems as well as an excellent intuitive visualization. 


ASW IT solutions put people first by giving them the option to make their own decisions. Not only can they use digitization to improve their business processes, but also have a positive impact on shaping the digital future. Thus, the answer to the question from the title of this text reads - YES - we have the option of choosing as people in the world of digital transformation!


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