Due to the M&A of Serbian telecom companies, a business concept Supernova was created. The latter will soon use ASW multi-tenant solution on Cloud to enable scalability, potential future mergers, optimization, and centralization of business processes.

A multi-tenant solution is an integrated information system that connects several different companies in one centralized application. The companies have exclusive access to their business information and processes so that each company enjoys privacy at the lower and mid-level business processes. On the other hand, top-level management at the Supernova has a centralized insight and can track the business progress of the entire enterprise. One of the advantages of such a solution is scalability, i.e. the possibility to simply incorporate new companies within the existing system in case of a new M&A.


Implementation of ASW solutions:

asw:dominus (ERP system)

asw:officius (CRM system)

asw:opus (HRMS system)

asw:credis (billing system)

asw:sapiens (BI - Business Intelligence)

asw:libris (DMS - document management system)

- asw:portal (portal for managers, internal and external communications)

ASW solutions are designed to clearly reflect the organizational structure of the company and all its business processes and adapt to business requirements to increase efficiency and productivity. They provide a high level of security and data protection against unauthorized data access. ASW solutions enable efficient business analysis in terms of business resources, profit tracking, human resources, customer relationship management and provide real time synchronization of the entire data.