Modern software solution for automated on-line management and operation of a parking service

It is an information system used for automatic online control and management of parking services. Online features allow you to record and charge parking via SMS or parking tickets, PDA billing control, internal control of supervisor work (supervision), communication with the MUP, etc. The data in the system are centralized and unique, and the received reports are accurate and timely.

System includes advanced functions allowing the configuration and calculation of both tariffs and parking time in accordance with previously defined parking zones. Every parking zone has its own tariff, area and time limitations and a pre-assigned number for sending text messages.

asw:temporis is highly integrated with the business information system asw:dominus, which monitors and records the payments for regular and additional parking cards thus allowing a comprehensive management of the business operations. The solution is based on the latest communications and development technologies.

asw:temporis is tailored for all the cities that are determined to solve parking problems and efficiently manage parking space.

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