Online solution for centralized surveillance and control of the performance of vehicle testing

Modern software solution that enables on-line centralized monitoring and control of the technical inspection of vehicles

asw:examinus allows user to conduct numerous controls in real time. These are the most important ones:

  • control of the technical inspection process itself;
  • control of the number of technical inspections performed during the selected period of time;
  • control of the number of repeated technical inspections;
  • controlling the entry of relevant data into the database, etc.

It consists of four subsystems and associated modules that fully cover the technical inspection of the vehicle and centralized monitoring of the work of the technical inspection stations:

  • Operating Subsystem for Vehicle Inspection Stations
  • Reporting subsystem
  • Security administrative subsystem
  • Subsystem for configuration and maintenance of system codes

By connecting the asw: examinus and asw: dominus system at any given time it is possible to monitor:

  • all the activities of technical inspection stations throughout the network
  • technical inspections of technical inspection stations through statistics of performed technical inspections

Direct benefits from the introduction of the information system for technical inspection of vehicles are:

  • Better technical inspections;
  • Increased road safety;
  • Reducing the number of accidents and material damages;
  • Possibility of automation of the complete vehicle registration process;
  • Inability to make fictitious technical reviews by introducing RFID (radio frequency identification);