It was founded in Italy in 1986, and in a little more than 30 years of experience it has established a network of more than 4,000 stores in over 42 countries. The company has stores in many major cities such as Milan, Rome, Paris, London, Berlin, Moscow, Barcelona and Hong Kong. It has more than 32,000 employees worldwide.


Plan of the Group is to continue the expansion of the network by opening new stores around the world. Therefore, they decided to start the business in Serbia. ASW is proud of the fact that such a large retail chain chose us as their partner.


Although the company is just beginning the business, the plan is to rapidly expand in the next few years and scalability of ASW solutions is just one of the reasons they chose us.


Currently implemented projects are:


asw:dominus – central ERP system,

asw:mercanits – retail system,

asw:loyalty – loyalty program.