ASW gathered all its clients at the event presenting the Machine Learning Technologies as well as the current results made by the team of the Machine Learning Laboratory in the past period. In addition to the presentations, interactive methods of visualization of the results obtained can be used.

The event was opened by ASW's Director, Mr. Nenad Avlijas, who reminded the attendees of the various periods of IT application in business systems, and presented the elements that led to the current period marked by the use of Machine Learning in such systems.

The Open Day themes were as follows:

Topic - Introduction to Machine Learning Technologies

Filip Jekic, Engineer of ASW Laboratories for Machine Learning and Assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics, has introduced partners with the Technologies and Methodology of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence specifically, the use of neural networks.

Theme - Loyalty Program - Super Card Case

Filip Jekic introduced solutions to algorithms such as user clustering and user translation into several groups that were made for the Super Card, which brought victory to the "Super Competition".

Topic - Recommender systems

Danijel Subotić, also an Engineer of ASW Laboratory for Machine Learning and Assistant at the Faculty of Mathematics in his presentation presented the Recommender systems - smart systems for recommendations where the emphasis was on personalized offers for loyal customers. The results and concrete examples that the Machine Learning System created for one of the existing clients are presented.

Theme - Optimization of Warehouse

Bojan Ivkovic, the software solutions implementation team leader, demonstrated a system to optimize scheduling at the weekly warehouse based on artificial intelligence. The system allows for the optimal planning and organization of storage space, the acceleration of all warehouse operations, optimization of the movement through the warehouse, more efficient handling of goods, increased control of goods movement and savings in delivery time. With a concrete example, all the participants were able to see how the system optimized the existing warehouse of one of the clients.


After a short break, two of the most interesting and important systems developed in the Mechanical Learning were presented.

Topic - Predictions

Filip Jekić presented Predictions systems in which budget projections are being worked out, sales planning up to the level of the commodity group, brand, organizational unit, and item. Precise forecasts of sales and demand allow customers to increase profits

and save money through planning, procurement, and stock optimization.

Topic - Optimization of prices

Danijel Subotić presented how the Machine Learning tools make the best choice of prices and discounts for certain items that maximize the difference in price, traffic or volume. On the concrete case, price optimization was also shown through an analysis of the mutual dependence of sales of various items. The system allows maximizing profits with an ideal price selection that will be used for a long time by customers and directly by the company.

The day was closed by ASW Director Nenad Avlijaš who pointed to the fact that the largest and richest companies in the world already include Machine Learning in their products and in their business.

Below, Mr. Avlijaš pointed out the high-quality resources for the development of machine learning in Serbia and suggested to ASW clients the concrete application of already achieved results in that domain within the ASW product.