Implementation of the Central ERP system asw:dominus provided full integration of all functions and processes within Marmil’s business system, whereas integration of asw:opus provided human resources monitoring.

Retail system is fully integrated with the central system and it allows complete control and management. It includes defining range, supply, ordering by the sales person, ordering by the store, in-store calculations or central calculations etc. Price management is also fully centralized which allows efficient operation and reducing paper work regarding price lists. Automatic data synchronization (asw:pontis) provides high level of documents and codes synchronization as well as central system and retails integration.

asw:loyalty system is an upgrade of the retail solution which manages all marketing activities in one place. Based on Marmil d.o.o.’s request, three modules of asw:loyalty system were introduced: discounts, awards and loyalty cards.

System installation was successfully completed, including the following training: wholesale, finance, material, production, retail. The system in the first store started operating on 18.07.2016.