In 2016.  “Abris Capital Partners”, one of the leading investment funds in Central Europe, joined Kopernikus. Upon completion of acquisition, one of the primary activities was investment into Integrated Information System (IIS).


ASW Engineering deployed Kopernikus requirements by implementing products and solutions that can support and improve business process of such a specific industry and Company complexity.


New IIS includes the following asw: products and solutions:


asw:dominus – Enterprise Resource Planning

asw:opus – Human Resource

asw:credis – Billing and invoicing system for management of various services and customer care system

asw:libris – Document Management

asw:sapiens – Business Intelligence

asw:officius – System for centralized monitoring and control of Help Desk tasks, issuing orders and planning long-term activities and realisation

asw:portal – A solution for interaction with users

Call centar solution

Objectives that contracted solution concept of IIS will be fulfilling are:


Facilitation of end-users and company management through maximum IT support for business processes

High level of coordination and collaboration in the execution of business processes

Control over total company resources

Increased subscribers satisfaction

Positive financial effects

Prevention of errors and abuse with complete control of key processes – calculations and billing tracking

New IIS implementation started in June 2017. and is aimed to improve growth, better market positioning, decrease of operational costs and provide support to Kopernikus network extension.