Expanding their activities, they opened the first Goodwill Pharmacy in 2008.


The unique and distinctive visual identity, commitment to excellent service, friendly atmosphere and above all a wide range of products, with sales and technical advice, soon set the Goodwill Pharmacies apart from competitors.

Today, there are 64 Goodwill Pharmacies on the Serbian market. They continuously improve all aspects of their business and plan the further expansion of their network of pharmacies in this year and years to come.


ASW Engineering is proud to have been chosen as a partner and the plan is to accomplish Goodwill Pharmacy’s mission by implementing the following products:


asw:dominus central ERP system,

asw:mercanits retail system,

asw:opus human resources management system,

asw:loyalty loyalty program,

asw:libris document management program,

asw:sapiens business intelligence solution.