ASW Inženjering software solutions cover a wide variety of businesses amongst which is also the popular Serbian holding group called ''Centro štampa holding''. The group consist of two companies; Centrosinergija distribution and Moj Kiosk newsstand chain.

Such business groups require a high level of real-time data communication and processing as well as a stable system that operates daily without error. ASW Inženjering created a system that seamlessly connects all the databases with software solutions that not only offer intercommunication but reliability and transparency as well.

So, how does a chocolate bar travel from the distribution center to your favorite newsstand? The chocolate is guided through a synchronized software system for inventory planning that covers one distribution center, 9 cross docks, 260 delivery vehicles and 18000 points of delivery day in, day out.

The algorithm for optimal supply collects information about the stock level of chocolate in a certain newsstand and sends it to the WMS(warehouse management system). The WMS collects information from all the newsstands, processes the orders and sends the data to the TMS (transport management system). The TMS, attributes how many chocolates have to be loaded in which truck specifically, and which route the truck has to take, to optimally fulfill the requests. We all know that the chocolates possess an intricate disappearing feature, so it is imperative to keep them in check. Upon request from our clients, we have developed an inspection system that involves assessment based on weight and camera. Once the chocolates pass the checkpoint, they are ready for loading and continue their journey towards the newsstands. All the orders can be tracked and traced, so the newsstands know the exact delivery time. Finally, the chocolate ends up on a shelve in a newsstand, and eventually in your hands as well.


These are the systems the mojKiosk group uses for their business processes: