ASW was at the Technobank conference, held on April 10 and 11, 2019. At the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade.

Technobank is the leading conference in the region of the Western Balkans, known for its high number of visitors, the quality of the exhibitions and the constant focus on the latest issues in the field of global banking. It is a gathering for banks and exhibitors from the region, which serves as a platform for exchanging information on new trends in the banking industry.

This year, ASW actively participated in the domain of banking. On the second day of the conference on 11th April, starting at 12:05, Filip Jekić and Danijel Subotić, members of the ASW Laboratory for Machine Learning, held a lecture titled "Real Time Decision Engine", presenting the implementation of the Machine Learning in Decision Making and Automation process.

At our stand (number 19), we welcomed all interested visitors and presented the articles about the application of the Machine Learning in the field of banking and insurance companies.

Because of our development activities in the field of applied analytics and mathematical models, ASW is a partner for the most recognizable platform for analytics and data visualization - Tableau.

In its portfolio, ASW now offers licenses for Tableau Creator, Tableau Explorer and Tableau Viewer, and all interested visitors were granted a 10% discount for the purchase of the Tableau license during the conference