Retail management of 600 kiosks

Company Štampa sistem
Country Serbia,Belgrade
Industry Retail,press distribution





Company Štampa sistem is one of the largest retail chains of kiosks in Serbia, with about 600 kiosks and corner shops. Further development of the company demanded better information support in all segments. The main goal of the project was to introduce an integral information system that would allow for a greater degree of control and management of all resources. The project included the introduction of PC POS solutions into kiosks, in order to provide complete commodity and financial management of the retail network from the central office. The specific request of the project was the development of a new product for the printing of newspapers according to the request of the user. For the needs of top management, a system for business intelligence planning and analysis was implemented.


The realization of this complex project encompassed phase implementation of the subsystem in accordance with the priorities defined by the user. In parallel with the implementation, a system for printing asw: printing was developed, so the complete project with the release of the first 50 retail facilities was completed in 6 months. After the introduction of the PC POS system asw: mercantis, the company Print System had accurate and up-to-date information on inventories and sales and the ability to improve the distribution planning system. The kiosk function has changed significantly since it now allows the introduction of new services (ticket sales, lotto, pre-paid refunds, etc.) without investing in additional equipment. Each kiosk is now being monitored as a profit center and the achieved result is used in defining the bonus for employees. The centralized ERP system asw: dominus has ensured that documents are entered in one place and that the automation of inventory and circulation planning increases the efficiency and effectiveness of work. Analyzes obtained from the business intelligence system asw: sapiens, management used to track profitability by different criteria and make quality decisions for further business development.