Managment of consumer goods retail chain

Company Gomex D.O.O.
Country Zrenjanin, Serbia
Industry Retail and distribution of the sales program





Gomex has one of the largest retail chains of consumer goods. Today, Gomex operates in 116 retail facilities throughout Vojvodina, and the opening of the facility in Sabac marked the beginning of the expansion of the sales network in the territory of central Serbia. Shops are located in the most attractive locations and are easily accessible to consumers that Gomex daily provides a rich assortment of quality products at the best prices. Currently, the company employs more than 1000 workers. Special attention is paid to the training of employees with the aim of providing everyday, permanent consumers, in a professional manner, but in a proper way, purchase. Gomex is based its development on investing in new information technology. The goal of implementing the information system was to improve the business, management of the company and other processes.


The information system was implemented in all retail facilities and company headquarters in a record time of 3 months. The integral information system project in the company took place in three phases. The first phase encompassed the implementation of the central ERP system asw: dominus covering all business functions (business management, finance, bookkeeping, wage calculation and personnel records and asset management), as well as the implementation of a retail management system - asw: mercantis in shops. Full integration of asw: dominus and asw: the mercantis system enables the company to fully control its retail network from the company's headquarters and to plan supply based on accurate and up-to-date sales and inventory data. The second phase of the realization of the integral information system included the implementation of the business intelligence system asw: sapiens. This system has enabled managers at all decision levels to monitor the implementation of plans and analyze in detail the large amount of data. In the third phase of the project realization, the asw: loyalty system - a system for manipulating the loyalty program, marketing and prize-winning actions was implemented. At Gomex, more than 100,000 loyalty cards are currently in circulation, which talks about the quality and potential of the Asw: loyalty system.