of ASW products and solutions

ASW Hosting Light solution is intended for small and medium sized companies that would rather have a small initial investment in a quality Enterprise Resource Planing (ERP) solution and then would be provided with an option of allocation of their investments for lease of licences, basic support, software maintenance and hardware support. All that client needs to have is a good Internet connection that is used to access applications that are hosted on ASW’s servers via Virtual Private Network (VPN).

Basic support includes solution support and consulting services for working in software via either telephone, e-mail, or through remote access to user’s computer, without need of visiting user’s location. Hardware support implies hosting of client’s database on ASW’s servers, its maintenance and security of their information.

Thanks to quality hardware infrastructure owned and with introduction of ISO/IEC 27001:2013 – Information Security Management System standard, ASW Engineering can guarantee data security for its clients.

We have envisioned basic three models for hosting ERP solution for your company and recommend following ASW products:

asw:dominus light

The integrated information system asw:dominus light is a comprehensive solution for managing all business processes and resources within a company (finances, human resources, goods, materials, fixed assets etc.) High level of configurability and modular structure alows it to meet various business processes needs.

Through a choice of subsystems and their modules, solution provides for managemenent of some of the following functions within a company:

  • Administration and configuration subsystem
  • Financial subsystem
  • Accounting subsystem
  • Goods and finished products monitoring subsystem
  • Fixed assets monitoring subsystem
  • Human resources and payroll subsystem

asw:mercantis light

It presents software product that manages all activities within retail shops, from smaller shops with a single cash register (Point of Sale – POS) to large hypermarkets with many registers and centralized database.

asw:mercantis is functionalny comprised of following modules:

  • Subsystem for monitoring of all business processes within an individual store (BackOffice)
  • Point of sale (POS – register) subsystem
  • Subsystem for centralized management of retail
  • Data synchronization subsystem (asw:pontis)

asw:libris light

Document Management System (DMS) that provides a complete solution for working with e-documents within a company.

asw:libris light supports following processes:

  • Document scanning and automatic document storage in DMS
  • E-document registry – assignment of metadata
  • Predifined document organization

asw:libris light provides cost reduction in terms of handling documents, given that it can completely eliminate unnecessary document copies and the delivery costs of paper documents.

Besides above mentioned characteristics and advantages it also allows its users with:

  • Fast scanning option
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition)


First model provides basic functions and is comprised of all three products where subsystems of product asw:dominus light included are: Administration and configuration subsystem, Finance subsystem and subsystem for goods and finished products monitoring.



Second model except subsystems of Model 1 also includes: Accounting subsystem and system and Fixed assets monitoring subsystem.



The last of recommended models also includes Human resources and payroll subsystem.


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