asw:utilitas is a software product designed for business use of utility (communal) companies. It represents a cutting edge system for billing and collection of different types of utilities services preformed such as supply of water, gas, electrical energy, buildings maintenance and cleaning, waste disposal etc.

During their operation utility companies execute different and very complex business processes. The most significant are:

• Construction and maintenance of network
• Signing consumer contracts
• Measuring consumption
• Calculation and consumer debts
• Collection monitoring
• Warning and prosecuting irregular payers
• Customer relations (CRM)
• Work orders, current affairs and many other processes

During the performance of their business processes, utilities are faced with different challenges that have negative impact in terms of economy, productivity and profitability, as well as the quality of provided services.

External factors that have the greatest impact on the business are:

• A large number of customers and events that are measured in tens of thousands
• Territorial dispersion of consumers (consumers are deployed in the city and beyond)
• The complex network and interdependence of the network and consumers (more consumers in one slot, collective and internal customers, etc.)
• Difficulty in reading caused by terrain and weather conditions
• Poor purchasing power of consumers
• Poor laws and practice in the region
• Demanding consumers who do not tolerate mistakes
• Utilities as a social category and a fundamental human right; also becoming a political issue

ASW Engineering experts, using many years of experience and the world’s best practices, developed a solution that helps utilities overcome these challenges and improve their businesses. By applying these solutions, utility companies accelerate business processes and save time, which leads to higher quality of service, end-user satisfaction and reaching company’s economic goals.

Thanks to its functional content and technical solutions, asw:utilitas provides:
•   Transparency of information
•   Data centralization combined with distribution of functions
•   Precise coordination and collaboration during the execution of business processes
•    Accurate and timely data that is the basis for the decision making processes within a company

 asw:utilitas consists of the following modules:

Territorial configuration – a set of codes that standardize geographic locations of consumers (streets, cities, city districts, zip codes, etc.).
Tariff system – Conditions (price lists, discounts, taxes) on the basis of which performed services are calculated for the consumers.

Resources (web) – Configuration of the web through which customers are supplied (metering points, meters, places of consumption etc.).

Customers – Evidence of legal entities and natural persons who are located at a certain place of consumption and supplied through the measurement of a rigged meter. Consumption is calculated under the conditions defined in the tariff system.

Consumption reading – Manual and remote reading of the counter on the meter measuring points; the formation of energy balance; distribution of consumption by percentage, area of the apartment, number of occupants.

Calculation – Determining indebtedness of consumers based on predefined parameters – consumption in accordance with conditions specified in the consumer contract; group generation of bills; group printing of bills.

Bills – Documents that display indebtedness of customers (bills, cancellation of bills, credit notes/debits, correction of bills etc.).

Monitoring of payment – Records of payment and tying payments to accounts; warnings to irregular payers; write offs; open items.

Monitoring of payment – Records of payment and tying payments to accounts; warnings to irregular payers; write offs; open items.

Claims – Module controls group and individual claims upon unpaid bills; monitoring of court proceedings; records of emerging costs; time schedule and planner for lawyers.

Work orders – this module creates work orders for calibration and replacement of old meters and for disconnection/connection upon debt.

CRM – It keeps track of consumers’ connection requirements; failure reports; bill reclamations etc.

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