asw:portal in general sense, provides ability for information to be presented to its users and to allow its users interaction with information system over the web. Information shown on asw:portal present unified content from various source within the information system. Thereby, the end user is enabled to have a consolidated picture on the presentational level (“at one place”).

asw:portal is intended for users of ASW’s products and services.

Sources from which asw:portal collects information and enables interaction with the same are the following ASW products and services:

  • asw:officius
  • asw:dominus
  • asw:sapiens

According to clearly defined exchange of data within source systems asw:portal provide its users following functionalities (functionalities are grouped based on source systems):

  • asw:officius
    • Help Desk request submission
    • Insight in activities performed regarding Help Desk requests submitted
    • Summary of hours spent on Help Desk requests on monthly/quarterly levels
    • Insight to base commercial agreements defined in Contract of Maintenance
    • Insight to Company’s Business Directory
  • asw:dominus
    • Summary of accounts receivable and accounts payable
    • Summary of invoices
    • Summary of own company’s deposits and withdrawals
  • asw:sapiens
    • Retail analysis based on users ASW’s products usage:
      • Summary of retail values based on period or organizational structure (unit)
      • Summary of Price Spread based on period or organisational structure (unit)
      • Summary of gross inventory based on period or organizational structure (unit)
      • Summary of Top 20 and Bottom 20 articles/producers based on retail values/Price Spreads