asw:officius is a software solution which provides mechanisms for:

  • human resources management in the companies with a large number of employees whose work time should be optimally arranged and used
  • activity planning in a project form
  • activity planning in form of tasks
  • planed activity realization monitoring
  • recording and monitoring of realization of large number of customer support requests
  • process parameter measuring and monitoring – measuring time spent by predefined activity
  • quality management (support to standards that company applies)

Solution is comprised of following subsystems and modules within those subsystems:

  • Company’s Business Directory – This subsystem represents a tool for client companies record keeping, their departments, contacts, and all other information enabling contact with the clients.
  • Activities and monitoring of their realization – Presents a subsystem that enables planned activities record keeping and furthermore realization of the same. Activities are separated by their type and aim:
    • Tasks – Represents most general type of activity and is the smallest work activity unit that is assigned to a resource for realization.
    • Help Desk Tasks – Activities that have characteristics of Tasks but are initiated from system users from the outside of the company (applicable in the area of providing Customer Support).
    • Sales Tasks – Activities that are specific for commercial departments of the company (Presentation, Lead, Opportunity, Contract etc.)
    • Projects – Planning of activities that are long term in nature and monitoring of their realization in the form of tasks three charts (individual activities).
    • QMT (Quality Management Tasks) – Types of activities that are entirely in accordance with International Organization for Standardization (ISO) requirements for monitoring of the level of compatibility with the standards. It supports mechanisms for quality control of service provisioning.
  • Security and administrative subsystem
  • Configuration subsystem
  • Reporting subsystem
  • Customer portal as a mechanism of transperency