asw:libris is an integrated Document Management system that provides a complete solution for working with e-documents in a company, including e-documents receipt, scanning, filing, submission and finally filing in an e-archive. This system provides cost reduction in terms of handling documents, given that it can completely eliminate unnecessary document copies and the delivery costs of paper documents. This system significantly reduces the time necessary to deliver the document to the right person, which raises the productivity of the company and timeliness in making important business decisions.

The solution is based on Java platform. Web application is developed using the modern Java Server Faces technology. The database is the leading open source DBMS PostgreSQL. Since JPA and Hibernate are used for ORM, asw:libris can work with any database supported by Hibernate (Oracle, SQL Server, My SQL, etc.).

asw:libris modules:
• Ledger – ledger is a solution for receiving and sending mails to one or more administrative offices of the company. This module provides access to all the documents of the company, regardless of the number of dislocated registry offices in the company.

• Delivery of documents – this module provides delivery of documents to organizational units. Delivery is a workflow that provides delivery of incoming mail to the body responsible for resolving, internal correspondence throughout the company, as well as the creation and delivery of the out coming correspondence to the registry office.

• E – archive – asw:libris uses Alfresco open source repository for preservation of e-documents. This system provides versioning, alarms, notifications, rules, full text search, indexing, security and many other functions of the advanced DMS repository. For integration with Alfresco it uses CMIS standard, which makes asw:libris very adaptable for integration with any other DMS repository.

asw:libris integration with other systems:

• Integration with OCR systems– asw:libris provides integration with numerous advanced OCR solutions intended for indexing of meta data from the documents. Fast scanners in combination with OCR software (Kofax, Abby etc.) allow big companies to save time wasted at scanning and indexing of large number of documents. Asw:libris provides integration with such systems and also allows manual scanning and indexing for companies not willing to invest in such equipment.

• Integration with asw:dominus – asw:libris is integrated with asw:dominus for incoming and outgoing receipts. In registering of incoming invoices asw:libris is designed as a “draft” in asw:dominus. Draft of the bill carries information about entered meta data, as well as a link to an e-account, making the picture of the receipt from the dominus always available. Also, meta-data of the receipt are entered only once, in asw:libris system.

• Integration with asw:utilitas – asw:libris is integrated with CRM module of asw:utilitas system.

Advantages of introducing asw:libris:

• Quick documents locating
• Arranged documentation according to classes and types of documents
• Unnecessary duplication of documents and unnecessary creation of internal paper documentation is avoided
• More administrators are able to work side by side
• Centralized paper archive
• Faster flow and improved control of the process, notifications, alarms…
• No misplaced documents
• Controlled access to documents
• Versioning of the documents, history of changes

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