asw:examinus represents a modern software solution which enables online centralized surveillance and control of the performance of vehicle inspection.

asw:examinus allows user to conduct numerous controls in real time. These are the most important ones:

  • control of the performance of the vehicle inspection itself;
  • control of the number of performed vehicle inspection in a selected period of time;
  • control of the number of repeated vehicle inspections;
  • control of the input of relevant data in database, etc.

It consists of four subsystems and relevant modules which completely cover the performance of vehicle inspections and centralized surveillance of the operation of vehicle testing stations:

  • Operative subsystem for Stations for vehicle inspection
  • Subsystem for reporting
  • Safety-administrative subsystem
  • Subsystem for the configuration and maintenance of system codes

Connection of systems asw:examinus and asw:dominus at all times enables the surveillance of:

  • all the activities of vehicle inspection stations within the network
  • tasks for vehicle inspection stations through statistics of the performed vehicle inspections

Direct benefits of the vehicle inspection IS introduction are:

  • High-quality vehicle inspection;
  • Increased road safety;
  • Reduced number of accidents and material damages;
  • Possibility of making the complete process of vehicle registration automatic;
  • Impossibility of making fictitious vehicle inspection by introduction of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification);