The integrated information system asw:dominus is a comprehensive solution for managing all business processes and resources within a company (finances, human resources, goods, materials, fixed assets etc.)

asw:dominus is central figure of all asw:erp systems, its an integral factor for all other ASW and foreign products. For many of clients of ASW it is an only element of Enterprise Resource Planing (ERP) system and so this product is often equated as ERP.

asw:dominus represents a very reliable platform for increasing productivity, efficiency and profitability of your organization, since it provides accurate and timely information, connects various functional business segments into a unique system and possesses high level of integration.

The asw:dominus system has a modular structure, which provides full flexibility and adaptability to users’ needs. It consists of nine subsystems and corresponding modules, which cover all the business functions of a company:

  • Financial subsystem
  • Accounting subsystem
  • Goods and finished products monitoring subsystem
  • Fixed assets monitoring subsystem
  • Materials monitoring subsystem
  • Production monitoring subsystem
  • Administration and configuration subsystem
  • Subsystem for logistics
  • Human resources subsystem

The system allows for high level of configuration and possibility to expand its functionality quickly and easily making an application easily adaptable to clients’ needs.

Work with PDA (Handheld) devices is supported and integrated into the asw:dominus system. This module is intended for sales representatives to make orders, constantly having insight into the price-list, current stock, product range, customer’s balance, defining and tracking sales representatives’ routes etc.

The asw:dominus business management software is designed primarily for medium-sized and large enterprises of all types.

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