asw:credis is an integrated software solution for managing billing and invoicing systems for various services, as well as a service for Customer Care System.

The system is applicable in all areas where there is necessary to control calculation and billing for a large number of clients (telecommunications – mobile and fixed phones, electrical power, water, gas, Internet, telephone services etc.) or the users of divergent services (numerous different services), as well as the various ways of providing or using those services.

Billing subsystem is a solution for accounting expenditures of all types of different services that can be exhibited in quantity, time or on a specific occasion. The accounting is based on a very flexible tariff system, while parametric algorithms display various levels of discounts and other advantages to the services consumers. The user determines the liquidation cycle, while the invoice printing can be performed regardless of liquidation, on different types of printers at any time.

Customer Care subsystem’s primary purpose is managing and monitoring resources that are engaged to offer services to end consumers. Central modules within this are crucial for conducting the managing of business relations with consumers of services – contracting and defining the services by type and quantity.

The basic system characteristics include:

  • support in creating and monitoring user network
  • direct communication with data sources
  • configurable tariff system supporting complex tariff structures for products and services
  • calculation, printing and distribution of bills for goods and services.

When it comes to asw:credis integration with other products such as asw:dominus and asw:sapiens, clients receive complete software support for company’s Integral Information System, applicable for any telecommunication company or a utility.

This solution offers numerous benefits to the clients, including:

  • Efficient monitoring of every incidence and daily updates
  • Accurate and relevant business information
  • Periodical business analyses and its comparison to the company’s business plan
  • Supporting and assisting consumers

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